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3 Best Games With Co-op Multiplayer Features to Train Teamwork

The multiplayer genre in video games can be said to be one of the most important genres in the world of video games. How come? Multiplayer games have their own uniqueness where players can play together directly with other players.

Initially, multiplayer games may only include sports games such as Pong which is often regarded as the first commercial video game ever. Now, with the presence of the internet, multiplayer games are growing more rapidly by presenting various unique concepts.

3 Best Games With Co-op Multiplayer Features to Train Teamwork

Initially, multiplayer-themed games were probably created just to beat each other's opponents. However, many other multiplayer games encourage players to work together. For example, like games with the co-op genre where you have to help each other with other players to complete a mission or level.

The current popularity of the video game industry makes developers even more creative in providing a unique playing experience together. For example, like the following 10 co-op games that you can play with friends to practice teamwork.

1. Assassin's Creed Unity

Assassin's Creed Unity is a series of Assassin's Creed which can be said to be unlucky. Even though it has a variety of new gameplay mechanics as well as a great graphic display, unfortunately it was all covered up due to the many chaos at the time of release. With various problems regarding performance as well as many bugs and glitches, Assassin's Creed Unity has been criticized by many fans.

But, despite all that said, Assassin's Creed Unity is actually a pretty good game. With stunning graphics, a number of the latest gameplay mechanisms, as well as a more detailed open-world world, this game deserves appreciation.

Uniquely, Assassin's Creed Unity presents a co-op feature for the first time. Where two to four players can complete the mission simultaneously. The missions presented are also quite varied by providing various unique scenarios based on real-world history. The level design is also designed in such a way that players are required to coordinate and also communicate with each other in order to complete missions and kill targets.

2. Call of Duty (Zombie Mode)

Starting from just an Easter eggs, now the zombie mode in the Call of Duty series has become a tradition. First introduced in Call of Duty: World at War as the last level, since then the zombie mode has become popular among Call of Duty fans. Treyarch as the developer also continued it into the sequel, Call of Duty: Black Ops.

The gameplay is also quite simple, players are required to continue to survive as long as possible amidst the attacks of zombies that will increase in number at each level. This mode can also accommodate 4 people who are required to coordinate in order to open new territories. Each map also has several weapons that can be purchased using the points earned every time you kill zombies. Players must also barricade doors or windows to block zombies from entering the map area.

3. Payday 2

Payday 2 is one of the most popular co-op games. This is of course with a unique concept, where players are required to work together to rob banks while resisting police and army attacks. Not only gameplay, Payday 2 also presents quite interesting stories and is presented through many media such as comics and web-series.

Just like the previous game, Payday: The Heist, Payday 2 can accommodate 4 players. There are also various missions and some quite diverse characters. Some levels can also be completed through stealth by avoiding cameras and killing enemies using weapons with silencers. Of course, players must work together to complete missions and get maximum rewards.

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