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Respawn Officially Announces Apex Legends Mobile to Prepare Beta

For those of you who are waiting for it.

After being officially announced, it will be present on mobile but without any clarity at all other than what the EA Executive said. Respawn finally sheds light on the existence of Apex Legends Mobile.

They officially announced that Apex Legends Mobile is not a cool project that only appears in chat. Apex Legends Mobile is really a real project and they are working on it.

In his press release, Apex Legends Game Director Chad Grenier explained that the game is specially designed for mobile with touch-screen controls that have been optimized for smartphones. They worked on Apex Legends Mobile with a team that also worked on the PC and console versions, but admitted that they were assisted by parties outside Respawn Entertainment.

Respawn Officially Announces Apex Legends Mobile to Prepare Beta

To make Apex Legends Mobile comfortable to play when it's released, they held several regional beta tests starting at the end of April. The two countries chosen to enjoy it for the first time were the Philippines and India.

Grenier continued that in the test, they will run it on Android and will expand it on iOS if it has been running long enough. They will also expand their territory over time and will open pre-registrations for Apex Legends Mobile.

Apex Legends Mobile won't support crossplay for PC and console because the game design is only for smartphones. However, the game will adhere to the same business model, namely free-to-play with battle passes and cosmetic items.

Until this article is published, there is no further information when Apex Legends Mobile will be released. However, the first beta will start at the end of April 2021.

That's the discussion regarding the Apex Legends Mobile game. Don't forget to read other interesting articles from to get more information about games and tutorials.

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