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YouTube Asks for an Update but Can't, Here's a Solution to Fix It

Youtube asks for updates but can't - Youtube has become the largest video viewing platform in the world today. Users can not only watch various interesting videos, but also can contribute to creating interesting content by becoming a YouTuber. Of course, by becoming a YouTuber, that person will get a salary from YouTube.

This makes the video watching application even more popular. In connection with this application, in recent days users have complained about Youtube asking for an update but it can't. To help resolve these complaints, will provide some solutions. Read the article below to finish and follow the guidelines we provide.

YouTube Asks for an Update but Can't, Here's a Solution to Fix It

There are many interesting applications that can be used as entertainment media, such as YouTube. This one application has indeed proven to be very popular. Not only getting entertaining videos, you can also access various updated news and other latest information through this application. That's why many people have used YouTube.

To be able to use an application comfortably and smoothly, it is definitely necessary to update it regularly. Using outdated applications often causes various annoyances. Starting from the application cannot be opened, to others. This also applies when using YouTube. Therefore, users need to update regularly every time there is an update.

Solution to overcome Youtube asks for updates but can't

This time the main topic will be discussed, namely the solution to updating YouTube that cannot be opened. Here are some solutions that can be used,

Clear Google Play Store Data

The first solution is to open the settings on the gadget, then open the application menu. Then find and click the google play store application. Then click the delete data option. With this solution the google play store will be cleaner and be able to function better.

Delete Youtube Application Data

The second solution is, open the gadget settings, then open the application menu. Find and click the youtube application, then select the delete data button. After doing this solution, the cache data and trash on the YouTube application have been deleted, and you can start downloading the latest applications.

Use a Smartphone Cleaning Application

The final solution is to install a smartphone cleaning application. Its function is to clean or scan gadgets. So that the smartphone device can be clean and can function lighter and smoother.

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