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Fortnite Planning to Mix Open-World Mode a la GTA Online?

Its popularity has skyrocketed, but simply offering a "battle-royale" mode doesn't seem like enough for games that stand on this foundation. Many games like Apex Legends, for example, no longer only inject more content like the new characters, but also offer a new mode for those who are no longer excited to jump into battle-royale mode. It is this plan that Epic Games seems to be working on for Fortnite, at least behind the scenes. This information led to the emergence.

Fortnite Planning to Mix Open-World Mode a la GTA Online?

Along with the court battle between Epic Games and Apple, some new, secret information has surfaced. One of them refers to Epic Games' plan to offer additional new modes for Fortnite and make it appear more than just a battle-royale game.

Although there are no details on how far the plan has been realized, this mode will reportedly follow a GTA Online-style formula where gamers can play together in an open-world sandbox mode. It will offer a wider world sensation and more flexible activities in “Save the World” mode. which is actually already available. Epic Games itself has not yet spoken up for discussions regarding this new GTA Online-style mode. How about you? Does this mode sound attractive to you?

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