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Genshin Impact Performs Newest Waifu Action, It Is Eula

Waifu-based economy is the best strategy that free to play games can offer, especially those that make mobile the main market, to enjoy the regular flow of money from the community. This character can end up as a high-definition .PNG image with a few sprites and animations in the gameplay, or a 3D character with solid animation like that offered by miHoYo in Genshin Impact. For this latter business, it seems tempting gamers have to start paying attention to the contents of their wallets.

Genshin Impact Performs Newest Waifu Action, It Is Eula

After being introduced through a short trailer to show off a little of his characteristics and personality, miHoYo released a new 2-minute trailer to show off his latest waifu character - Eula. With dancing as a favorite activity, this five-star cyro character with claymore as the main weapon looks elegant, but also threatening at the same time. The banner also came with the opportunity to “call home” Beidou, Xingqiu, and Xinyan as well.

Eula itself will appear as a banner starting on May 18, 2021 tomorrow until June 8, 2021. How about you? How many of you are ready to pop the contents of your wallets for this character?

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