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Hilichurl Mimi Tomo Event Key to Genshin Impact Prize Exchange

So this time we have a new event, namely chatting with Hlichurl, with the help of Ella Musk we will communicate with this Hilichurl starting from food and so on. There is one key to this event, namely Ella Musk's book, which includes a complete dictionary. We will try to find out in detail what is needed to get all the prizes in the event. And we will try to update all the words in this event from beginning to end in this article.

Hilichurl Mimi Tomo Genshin Impact Discussion Event

Hilichurl Mimi Tomo Event Key to Genshin Impact Prize Exchange

Hilichurl's Words and the Food We Must Give

1. Mission Day 1 Genshin Impact Mimi Tomo

Mita Movo Lata: Meat in Water (fish)

Camel Nunu: Late at night

Note: In this mission there is a Hilichurl request and a mission to defeat Hilichurl elements and every day the mission will be changed until the end of the mission. For example, on the day 1 mission we are required to look for mita movo lata and unusual searches on camel nunu or late at night.

Nunu camel

Ok, we will update this mission every day so don't miss it, yaps it's fun because we have to translate the language and look for the right material to give to hilihcurl one more Unusual this is quite strong if we hit not on time make sure the clock is set just right. And of course there will be a difference for this daily mission.

2. Mission Day 2 Genshin Impact Mimi Tomo

On the second day we find Camel Chest motion, yaps the second mission of foreign words is just what is the meaning of this Camel Chest motion? time after lunch after sun till sundown.

After you set a time like this, you will get a Hilichurl above, its position is not in the usual place. But it was somewhat hidden because the hilichurl was sleeping on the grass. For day 2, there is nothing difficult, only the change of time requires us to set the clock.

Camel Chest Motion Mimi Tomo Event Day 2

3. Mission Day 3 Genshin Impact Mimi Tomo

On day 3 we get the best clue, namely Celi lata and camel nunu, what do the words hilichurl on day 3 mean. So for those of you who are confused, calm because we will update all Mimi Tomo events on one page for details, the important words are as follows.

Celi Lata: Luminescent Spine
Camel Nunu: Late at night
Celi Lata and Camel Nunu Genshin Impact Day 3

4. Mission Day 4 Genshin Impact Mimi Tomo

For this 4th day we find 2 Hilichurl requests and one for the Unusual version, yaps today is a bit bad if we are observant it will take too long to get all the prizes or when completing this mission. The hilichur words are:

Gusha Celi Boya: Red Vegetable / Fruit (Flaming Flowe Stamen)

Lata Boya Sada: Blue Hard Objects (Crystal Chunk) or Magical Crystal Chunk Can

Camel Chest Motion: Time After Lunch Until Sunset

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