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How to Activate Bugs to Enter the Cargo Shipyard in the Latest Free Fire

In the OB28 Free Fire 2021 Update, there are still a lot of bugs that we can find. One of them is that the Bug gets into the cargo hold at the Shipyard which shouldn't be possible.

This bug will certainly be very useful for Push Rank for you players on Free Fire and it's really a must to try.

You will be able to hide in Kargo without any other Free Fire Player knowing. Inside the cargo, you can also monitor the movements of other players passing by and try to kill them from behind.

After successfully entering the cargo, we can still get out of the place so there is no need to be afraid when the zone will come. How to activate the Bug into the Shipyard cargo in Free Fire is also very easy to do. Here we will explain how one by one.

How to Bug Get into the Cargo Shipyard on the Bermuda Free Fire Map

How to Activate Bugs to Enter the Cargo Shipyard in the Latest Free Fire

  1. You have to find a Monster Car around the Bermuda Map and bring it to the Shipyard area
  2. Find the Cargo that is right as in the picture above.
  3. Bring the Monster Car closer to the cargo, then try to get out of the Car
  4. Then, your character will automatically enter the cargo.
  5. Excess Bug Into Cargo

There are so many advantages that you will get when you use this latest Bug Free Fire.

  1. Other players will not be able to find this hiding place because basically, the Cargo in the Shipyard cannot be entered by players.
  2. You can kill enemies from behind because we can monitor enemies around from inside the cargo.
  3. We will easily get Points to Push Rank Free Fire. Just wait in the cargo hold until there are only a few enemies left in the game.
  4. Very easy to use, you just need to find a Monster Car and get out of the Car when near the cargo. There's no need to turn off data or anything else really hard.

Disadvantages of Bugs Entering the Free Fire Shipyard Cargo

  1. When the Zone is not in the Shipyard, we definitely have to go to the Zone to avoid dying.
  2. The more people who know about this Bug, the more likely the enemy will know the position will also be greater.
  3. Monster Cars that are still near the cargo hold will make the enemy aware of our presence.

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