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How To Use To Get Free CP COD Mobile Free CP CODM - Call Of Duty Mobile is a very fun FPS game to play. You can play the COD Mobile game for free by downloading it on the app store, be it android or iOS. Even though it's free, you need CP or COD Points to buy various items in the store. Do you want to know how to get CP COD for free? If so, will share the tutorial with you. is an online CODM generator site that can generate free CP. You can access the site easily via a browser on your smartphone device. For those of you who want to know how to use to get free CP, we will share the tutorial in this article. So make sure you follow the guidelines we provide correctly. Here's how to get free CP COD Mobile:

How To Use To Get Free CP COD Mobile

How To Use To Get CODM CP

  1. First open the browser application on your smartphone
  2. Then go to the site
  3. Enter your COD Mobile username
  4. Choose the platform you are using, iOS or Android
  5. Then select the CP you want
  6. Complete the mission and when you finish exchange it for the CP
  7. do human leverage to complete the process.

That's a tutorial on how to get a free CP COD Mobile using the site. If you are lucky then you can get free CP to your Call Of Duty Mobile account. Hopefully the tutorial above is useful and don't forget to visit for other interesting information.

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