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Free Yellow Diamonds Return to Mobile Legends

On October 16, 2021, Moonton again held a free Diamonds event in Mobile Legends.

These Diamonds are golden yellow, indicating that you can get these Diamonds for free to exchange for skins.

How to get it is quite easy, you just need to login and register. So, you will be automatically registered to take part in this Mobile Legends event and will get it on October 26, 2021.

Free Yellow Diamonds Return to Mobile Legends

Keep in mind that, we must register in the Mobile Legends Event menu, namely the 'Double 11 Carnival' event.

How Many Free Diamonds in Mobile Legends Can We Get?

In this free Diamonds event at Mobile Legends 11.11, you can get up to 700 Diamonds. However, we are obliged to take part in the event that will be presented by Moonton on October 26, 2021.

What event is that? We will compete against 3 enemies in the event. Required to ask for help from friends in your Mobile Legends game.

If we manage to occupy the 1st place, then we will get 150-200 free Diamonds. For that, you have to find or invite friends to get these Diamonds Mobile Legends.

Not difficult is it? After completing the event, we can buy our Favorite Hero skin in Mobile Legends that we have been wanting for a long time.

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