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How to Change the Background Music in Mobile Legends 2021

Moonton has added a feature to change music in Mobile Legends 2021. This is called the newest feature for those of you who like AFK in the Lobby. You can choose the Mobile Legends background music that you like. This feature was available in yesterday's 1.6.18 patch update, precisely on September 21, 2021. The reason is that a lot of players might be bored with Mobile Legends background music that can't be replaced.

How to Change the Background Music in Mobile Legends 2021

There are 4 choices of songs that you can use as background music in Mobile Legends, namely: S.T.U.N – Together, Ascend, Into The Past (Natan Theme), and Nostalgia.

You can play all the music or choose one of them. For those who don't know how to change the background music, here we will explain in detail.

Step By Step changing the background music in Mobile Legends is easy

1. Open the Settings Menu (Settings)
2. Make sure you activate the 'Main Volume' in Mobile Legends so that music can be played on your cellphone
3. Go to the 'sound' menu
4. Find the 'Theme Song' Sub-Menu, then click 'customize'
5. After that, a selection of Mobile Legends music will appear that you can add
6. Click the '+' button to add, and the '-' button to remove music
7. Finally, you just have to go back to the Mobile Legends Lobby and you can listen to the background music automatically

There is also a 'shuffle' feature that you can use so that the Mobile Legends background music will shuffle the playlist you have added. How easy is it not to change the background music for Mobile Legends bro? Just click a few buttons and you can enjoy your favorite Mobile Legends background music.
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