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Riot Games Calls Valorant Anti-Cheat Proven Successful, Cheat Number Claims Low

Anticheat from Valorant was controversial last year because the system's kernel was implemented, making anti-cheat programs fire from the start of the PC being active and running in the background even when you're not playing. However, this method seems to be effective.

Riot Games senior analyst Matt “K3o” Paoletti reported via a blog post on the official website that the cheater report rate had reached its current low. By combining a hardware-based detection system as well as machine-learning AI, the number of cheaters is already very low in this competitive FPS game, but that doesn't mean they have completely disappeared.

Riot Games Calls Valorant Anti-Cheat Proven Successful, Cheat Number Claims Low

Although cheaters will always be there no matter what way they do, at least the number found is not high and does not make the game community disturbed by the playing experience. As a result, Valorant has become a successful competitive game in the long run.

Therefore, Riot Games will continue to update the Vanguard anti-cheat and with the help of the upcoming Windows 11 which requires TPM 2.0, Riot Games believes that they will be able to detect cheaters even better in the future.

Meanwhile, they know of the existence of players who use the services of cheaters to boost rank. The cheater will of course be banned from the game, but those who are boosted can usually run away after the cheater's services are over. They will later add automatic actions to fight the boosted account.
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