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How to Make a Google Form to Simplify Your Needs

In the past, people used online form filling services, of course, in addition to Google Forms to simplify their needs. Seeing this, Google seems to see an opportunity to further enliven this online form service by releasing Google Forms.

Offering more security and more privacy than competitors, Google Forms is now one of the most popular services people use. Students, students, mothers, and even office employees use this Google service for various purposes that can simplify their needs.

How to Make a Google Form to Simplify Your Needs

Creating a form with Google Form is quite easy, bro. Read on below, because we will reveal how to create a Google Form to make your needs easier.

There are various ways

Based on the data we collected, it turns out that there are various ways to create a Google Form. Below are ways that we think are easy to create online forms, and of course you can customize them according to your needs.

1. Via Google Drive

Creating a form via Google Drive is the easiest way you can try. You only need a Google account which you can create for free first.

Open Google Drive, then click New just below the Drive logo.
Several services will appear, select Google Forms, and you can create a form.

2. Via Google Forms

In addition to using Google Drive, forms can be created through a set of services previously provided by Google.

Google Form links can directly create a form.

You will be given the option to make your form look more attractive. Choose one and adjust it according to your needs.

After that, the form will be created by itself, and you can start customizing the contents of the form.

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