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Tutorial on Using the New Preview Voice Message Feature on WhatsApp

Previously, there were several reports suggesting the inclusion of good features for WhatsApp. For years, voicemails were constantly tuned by messenger users, but they couldn't check these messages before sending them.

So, if something goes wrong with the message, they need to hear it after it's sent to the user or simply cancel the audio.

Tutorial on Using the New Preview Voice Message Feature on WhatsApp

Well, now, WhatsApp has finally solved that problem by introducing a feature that allows users to check and hear voice messages before sending them to others.

This new feature also adds an extra layer of security to voicemail. The new feature dubbed “Voice Message Preview” works on group chats and individual text messages on WhatsApp.

Therefore, here we will provide steps on how to use the voicemail preview feature according to the following steps:

  1. Open Chat Window – Can be individual chat or group window
  2. Look for the Microphone button
  3. Instead of just touching and holding a button to send a message, you have to touch, hold the button, and then drag it up.
  4. This will lock the app into recording mode, and the user can record messages. WhatsApp will not send the message once you are done. Instead, the new feature shows a play button that lets you hear your own message before sending it.
  5. There's also a small trash can icon at the bottom left. So if you are not satisfied with the result, you can delete the message and re-record it.
  6. Preview voicemail options are available on Android and iOS platforms currently. However, it is not available in the WhatsApp for Desktop app.

Users can still record regular voice messages in the desktop app. So, it is possible that this feature will be added to Windows and Mac apps in the future.

Moreover, in the last few months, WhatsApp has greatly improved the experience on the desktop and removed the restrictions that impose continuous smartphone connections.

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